3 Silos adventure trails boast with its handmade single trails, rock gardens, jumps and more providing a fun filled adventure for young and old, new and skilled riders. The short track for Nippers and Sprogs will be approximately 2.1km per lap. A number of the A-Lines will not be available for safety reasons and therefore making the track enjoyable for all riders.There will be the option of B and C lines for those who still feel uncomfortable. It will be compulsory for all Nippers and Sprogs to ride the track before the race.The long track will be will approximately 4.9km and is a “toughie” with 141m per lap. The technical sections will test the riders as fatigue sets in! There are also B and C line options for the less experienced.

The Ebike race will be a fun event and will take place after the XCO long track races.