Good race vibes – PE Spur Schools race

It was good to see the Spur Schools League starting off with a good turnout at the first event. The competition for the best PE school is going to be hot this season!

Anton Havenga was the dedicated photographer at the event and took more than 500 race pictures. All available for you to share and download.

View your race pic’s

Short Track

Long Track

High resolution pictures (link only available for the next two weeks)


Well done to everyone who participated! Some podium pictures below

Juniors: 1st Gerrit Rautenbach, 2nd Bradley Harrington, 3rd Arno Botha
Youth U/16: 1st Ceajay Bosman, 2nd Ryno Gerber, 3rd Franco Mcleod
Youth U/15: 1st Ashley Mayhead
Sub Junior U/14: 1st Bradley Bosman, 2nd Keegan Lottering, 3rd Charl Hoogendoorn


Sub Junior U/14: 1st Vuyo Grootboom, 2nd  Erinn Stokker

Next event PE race taking place12 August starting at Fat Tracks Containers, William Moffet

Details to be updated soon HERE

Spur Schools MTB League - Port Elizabeth - 2017