These trails have hosted four SA XCO Cup and Downhill events

The Herald Cycle Tour MTB race makes use of the trails

The PwC Great Zuurberg Trek three day stage takes place on the trails


Expected riding at Hayterdale Trails

  • Elevations: Lots climbing for sure that will put a few people off but the gradient of most of the climbs are such that if you find an easy gear you can just spin it out.
  • Single Track: It is rough natural single track that challenges you all the way. Not groomed smooth and swept like some modern trails. For sure it is not everyone’s liking but listening to the feedback after this year’s Cape Epic, rough natural single track is pretty much part of the future for marathon and stage racing.
  • Vegetation: One of the lasting impressions when we first rode the trails about 7 years ago was the stunning wild vegetation classified as Albany Thicket by South African National Parks.
Hayterdale Trails
SA XCO Champs at Hayterdale Trails
  • Views: The views from the top of the climbs are absolutely stunning.
  • Zuurberg Pass: Do not skip the ride halfway up the Zuurberg pass.  The road surface is really good and the gradient easy.  This makes it possible to ride up at a leisurely pace and soak in the amazing views of the Zuurberg and glimpses of the ocean.
  • Distance: There are basically no limits. Anything form a short 15km to a really tough 4 hour ride is possible.
  • Facilities: There are toilets and showers with a perfect area for braai or picnic after the ride. It is safe and possible to bring family along to relax in nature or go for a walk while you ride.
Hayterdale Trails
PwC Great Zuurberg Trek

Watch out for this on the trails

  • Tyre Sealant: Do not ride the trails without making sure your sealant is topped up. Once topped up the chances of getting a flat tyre is just about zero.  No sharps rocks to worry about.  Just the thorns, especially if you overcook a corner and go off track!
  • Water: Carry enough water and don’t underestimate distance and time.  This is single track with some good elevation. You WILL ride slower that anticipated unless you are a really experienced rider.
  • Heat: In the summer months it is very easy to get temperatures up to forty degrees. Choose your time carefully to avoid the extreme hear.
  • Getting lost: Be careful and know where you are going. If in doubt invite someone who knows the trails. If alone start off conservatively. Once you know the area and routes it is easy to find your way and know the shortcuts in case of an emergency.
  • Trails marking: The trails are marked but new and especially inexperienced trail riders might get lost. Don’t ride alone and again take someone with who knows the trails.
Hayterdale Trails
Riding the Trails at Hayterdale

This is a trail typical of what you would expect in the pristine and less traveled regions of the Eastern Cape.

For anyone wanting to get off the beaten track, the province [Eastern Cape] is, in fact, one of the most rewarding regions in South Africa.

– From Rough Guides


More info about annual events taking place at the Trails

Hayterdale Trails Facebook page

  1. The Herald Cycle Tour MTB race
  2. PwC Great Zuurberg Trek
  3. Stonehouse Capital Zuurberg Challenge

More pic’s taken in and around the trails )