The Black Mamba is perhaps the shortest trail found at the 3Rivers Trails network, but don’t be fooled. At under 6km it features 100% singletrack and packs a punch were you least expect it. 

3Rivers Trails - Black Mamba2
Look at that Oak! (Photo credit: Evan Rothman)

After I became a dad my priorities changed along with my fitness level. This short intense course is the perfect release for the time constrained rider (read: unfit rider). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a proper workout. The only difference is that by the time lactic acid settles in you’re already back at Crossways kitchen with a coffee (or beer) in the hand.

The trail, conveniently starts at Crossways Kitchen which makes it perfect if you want to bring the family along. You can expect to force in two laps in under 1hr while your family gobbles down some baby chinos and famous Crossways Kitchen pies.

So what you’re waiting for? Get out and ride – no excuses.

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3Rivers Trails - Black Mamba3
A-Line. (Photo credit: Evan Rothman)