Last year was the first time the Nanaga MTB race was held at the popular Nanaga Farm Stall.  After the first event there was some talk about the route.  The organizers took notice of input from riders and the 2015 routes were completely different with a lot of work going into upgrading it.

Race results here

Nanaga Mtb race
Race morning

This years route had lots of new single track sections added that they worked on since January.  This was done in thick indigenous vegetation with really nice flowing sections that was great fun to ride!  The route had its fair share of very steep climbs that tested riders to the limit and had many of the less serious riders rather opting for a short walk up the steepest sections.

Most of the strong riders from East London were at the race and with the likes of Jason Meaton and Marco Joubert it was clear this was not going to be an easy race up front!  Early in the race the king of the mountains sprint was taken by Meaton.  At this stage Meaton, Joubert and Jonty Rosenstrauch were ahead of the rest of the field.  Later they dropped Rosentrauch but the race was far from over.  Joubert stopped for a mechanical with Meaton leading on his own.  Rosenstrauch was not far behind and passed Joubert to catch up with Meaton.  They worked together and had a two minute gap on the rest.  At this stage it was looking like a race between the two riders but Joubert sorted out his problem and was determined to get back to the front.  After a long steady chase he was back at the front with 10 km to go. From here everyone settled and no one was willing to take a risk with an attack.

The finish area was not easy for a three man sprint but when it came down to it, it was exciting to watch!  Meaton appeared first with Joubert right next to him sprinting hard.  He just managed to get over the line in 1st with Meaton 2nd and Rosentrauch 3rd!

Sprint finish at Nanaga Mtb race
Jason Meaton and Marco Joubert sprinting for the race win

Podium 50 km race


  • 1st: Marco Joubert 2.20.42
  • 2nd: Jason Meaton 2.20.43
  •  3rd: Jonathan Rosenstrauch 2.20.44


  • 1st: Andrea Shirley 2.49.10
  • 2nd: Lindi Erasmus 2.49.11
  • 3rd: Olivia Read 3.15.13

Podium 30 km


  • 1st: Lloyd Vos 1.18.03
  • 2nd: Bradley Harrington 1.25.12
  • 3rd: Gerrit Rautenbach 1.25.14


  •  1st: Phillipa Baer 1.45.33
  • 2nd: Kelsey van Schoor 1.47.19
  • 3rd: Charlotte Raubenheimer 1.48
30 km podium
30 km – ladies & men’s winners

Some more pictures available here and also on the Nanaga Mtb race Facebook page here