This years Trans Elands 2 Day Stage Race produced some amazing performances by a select field of top riders. The nature and reputation of the Trans Elands 2 Day Extreme ensured an entry of high quality riders tackling this challenging race over a distance of 180km with 3500m of climbing.

Racing at the front – Trans Elands 2 day stage race

It was clear from the start on day 1 that this was going to be a hotly contested race with no quarter asked or given. The pace from the outset was brutal and day 1 produced record times across the board. Jason Meaton crossed the line in 1st place in the men’s and Yolande De Villiers 1st place in the ladies.


Day 2 started with massive pressure on all the front riders as they new that one mistake or mishap could cost them the race. There were only seconds separating the top 6 front riders and none of them were prepared to concede. Jason Meaton and Yolande De Villiers took the KOM and QOM honours at the top of “the monster”.

The day 2 stage of the extreme was won by Kyle Bradford in a sprint finish with 6 other riders as he just managed to pip Jason in one of the most exciting sprint finishes. Further down the field there were some intense battles between riders over the 2 days. The most notable of these duals was the one between Leon Claasen and Ian Moore in the Masters category. Ian Moore took day 1 by less than 3 minutes and Leon Claasen took day 2 by 6 minutes resulting in an overall win for Leon Claasen by a mere 3 minutes after 180 kilometers.

Overall winners after 2 days of intense riding were, 1st Jason Meaton in the men’s and 1st Yolande De Villiers in the ladies.

Lead bunch 2

A very high standard has been set for the Trans Elands and this bodes well for Trans Elands marathon in 2017 which is the 1 day extreme event over a distance of 162 km with 3200 m of climbing ( a genuine 100 miler ).

(Race report by Lex Holmes)