Meerkat Challenge

From the race organisers:

The idea for this race was born amongst a group of friends after the tragic accident on 27 April 2015 that claimed the life of our friend Sonnica Kensley.  Sonnica and her husband Clayton were training for a mountain bike race and cycling from Longmore Forest, when they were both hit by a truck from behind. Clayton survived the accident but Sonnica lost her life.

The race is a FUND RAISER for Sinethemba Childrens Care Centre. Those who are keen are also encouraged to bring along items to donate that will be passed on to the centre.

Items that can be donated include: food stuffs, toiletries, clothing, sports equipment, toys and books.

23 April – Conti Meerkat Challenge Race Info

5 km – R30 – Start time: (soon after 31 km riders)

An easy route that will run along the roads near to Crossways Country Kitchen.

31 km – R135 – Start time: 8:45

Perfect for those who enjoy mountain biking and are reasonably fit. Be aware that it is in Longmore and there will be some climbs on the way.

60 km – R195 – Start time: 8:30

This is not for the faint hearted but it is a spectacualr route. You should have a decent amount of fitness and some technical experience to do this distance.

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Route profile 30 km

Meerkat Challenge - 30KM
Meerkat Challenge – 30KM route profile

Meerkat Challenge - 30 Profile

Route profile 60 km

Conti Meerkat Challenge, 60 KM
Conti Meerkat Challenge, 60 KM, profile