The Eastern Cape is a huge area and perfect for stunning mountain bike rides.  During the past few years we have seen lots of new trails being developed.  This makes for fantastic riding in the area.  While there are lost of challenging trails with loads of single track it is not easy to find a trail catering for real beginners or very young riders.  Here is your chance to ride a trail that is in a beautiful reserve and safe enough to guarantee a stress free ride with the family.

The Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve is the oldest wild flower reserve in South Africa. It is only 35km outside P.E. just before you enter the Van Stadens Pass.  It is a safe area and entry is free!

Flower Reserve

This is the only wild flower reserve in which one can go cycling.  In the past you just had the option to take you mountain bike on the open roads.  This changed the past two years when extra trails were added to offer mountain bikers more options.  Recently the mountain bike tracks were upgraded by smoothing them out.  The routes now are perfect for new and beginner riders and the whole family.  Most of the route is on the plateau and in mountain biking terms very flat. One can take different routes from only a few km to 10km which takes you in between the Proteas, Ericas and indigenous trees.

Routes at Flower Reserve
Left, riding the trail and right fresh graded section.

The Reserve is perfect for a family outing as there are picnic places and there is a braai area to be together and enjoying the stunning views while relaxing and watching the birds in the flowers.  All this at no cost!  For more information visit the website here.

Directions Wild Flower Reserve

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Wild Flower Reserve Map
Wild Flower Reserve Map