feature final
Speedsters of the day! Nicholas Friend 1st; Grant Daly 2nd


The Spur Schools League in Port Elizabeth kicked off in the most amazing winter weather. There is a different, but good vibe this year. Part of the change was the increased support from parents and it was great to see some of the school teachers joining in to support their riders. Daniel Pienaar and Lorraine Schools added to the “race” atmosphere with their teams kitted out in the same riding gear. Daniel Pienaar making a nice statement with their riding shirt logo “TIERE / TIGERS”


Team “Tigers” – Daniel Pienaar

As with previous years there was an increase in numbers. Not as many as was hoped for, but with two official schools teams taking up the challenge we are sure to see more schools joining this great sport soon.  This year the winning school will get an impressive floating trophy to show off. With that a nice bonus prize of R2000

Nippers and Sprogs

C. Brown from Summerwood followed by T. Pheiffer, Sunridge

First off were the Nippers and Sprogs riders with parents shouting and supporting. These categories are not about serious racing, but having fun.
The good rains we had earlier the week created some muddy patches that the young racers took at full speed to show off the mud proudly afterwards!
Some take the racing a bit more serious like Marcel Swartz who was setting the pace with some really speedy lap times! We are looking forward to him joining the ranks of the High Schools riders next year.

nippers and sprogs
From left: Nippers girls; Sprogs boys and Nippers boys

Winners: Nippers and Sprogs 

Nipper Girls: 1st C Koekemoer; 2nd E. Corneiro; 3rd S. Wood

Nippers Boys: 1st C. Koekemoer, 2nd C. Brown; 3rd T. Pheiffer

Sprogs Boys: 1st M. Swartz; 2nd B Bosman; 3rd C. Ackerman

Sub Juniors, Youth and Juniors

These age categories form part of the official Spur High School League. As with the younger riders it was all smiles on the start line. That quickly changed to serious race faces as the gun went off.
The juniors took the lead from the start with Grant Daly, Nicolas Friend completing the first lap together. Bradley Harrington as Youth rider had a storming start hanging onto their wheel for the first lap. From lap two Friend and Daly started to test each other and it turned into a hard and tactical race that lasted till the end. Before entering the last single track section Friend took the lead and keeping the pace high stayed in front to win an exciting race!

Sub Jun Youth Junior
From left: Sub Juniors; Juniors; Youth


Winners, Sub Junior, Youth and Junior

Sub Junior Boys: 1st C. Bosman (Lorraine); 2nd B. Brown (Lorraine); 3rd F. Boshoff (Lorraine)

Youth Boys: 1st B. Harrington (Victoria Park); 2nd L. Vos (Graeme College); 3rd G. Rauntenbach (D. Pienaar)

Junior Boys: 1st N. Friend (Alexander Road); 2nd G. Daly (Greay); 3rd M. Joubert (Linkside)


youth and Junior
From left: Youth, Junior


Sub Junior Girls: 1st K van Schoor (Priory); 2nd M. Strydom (Lorraine)

Full race results