SA XCO Cup 4 in Port Elizabeth will be held in Settlers Park Nature Reserve on a newly developed track

SA XCO Cup 4 Track Port Elizabeth
SA XCO Track Port Elizabeth

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( CSA Standard Program, Starting Times & laps per category )

Track location

  • The track is less than 2 km from Port Elizabeth Air Port
  • St Georges Park and Cricket grounds are within walking distance
  • PE’s main beach (Kings Beach) and PE harbor is less than 2 km from the track.
  • It is possible to have a beer at Bridge Street Breweries and cycle some 800 m along the trail to watch the race.

Impressions after a first ride on the track

There will be minor changes to the track.  It is an excellent track for spectators! It is short and the elevation makes it easy to pick a high point on either side of the valley to follow the riders.

SA XCO Track, Port Elizabeth
Cresting a very steep climb with some challenging kicks

Short Track facts

  • Technically the track is not as challenging as the one we had in 2015.
  • The climbing is pretty hard and we are looking at a final track close to 4.2 km and 170 m real elevation. Google elevation 200 m
  • There are four proper climbs of 20, 30; 33 and 40 meter elevation with pretty challenging gradients but good grip.
  • Three climbs have passing space just about all the way.  Two of the climbs have really good space for passing and powering. One is jeep track all the way with excellent grip. The shortest climb have some sections with switchbacks which is not good for passing but not impossible.

Final Track preparation going very well.  That first try is always dodgy!
SA XCO Cup, Port Elizabeth

SA XCO Cup, Port Elizabeth.

Preview video

Watch this space for a full track review with pic’s and some video clips soon….