There was no two thoughts about it – the Mountain Bike was definitely coming with this holiday. Riding new trails can be just what you need this holiday, but don’t feel intimidated with this new territory. Here’s some tips for this festive season’s trail riding.

1. Get connected

So you don’t have a clue where to ride your bike in your new holiday spot? First thing to do is find out where the locals go for rides. Two ways to go about it: Firstly, go to the Local Bike Shop (LBS) where you’ll most certainly get the low down on where to get your bike dirty. Then the least you can do is buy a CO2 canister while you’re there. Come on! Don’t be so stingy – you’re on holiday. Secondly, get in contact with the local cycle club. They most definitely will have group rides most of the mornings. This will be the perfect time to get to know some like minded people as well as learning where they ride.

2. Rail the World Wide Web

There are numerous articles about trails and your holiday destination might be blessed with some of the raddest dirt trails around. Get on the net and find out what they’ve got to offer. There are plenty of sites to look out for. For those of you are coming to East Cape for the holidays be sure to check out our Trail section here. We’ve listed many of the best trails and dedicated MTB Bike Parks around. Directions, maps, everything you need is right there.  Be sure to go have a look what they’re all about.

3. Explore

There’s no shame in getting lost on your bike. These can easily turn into some of the best memories on your two-wheeled friend. Like when I went exploring cattle trails in Transkei with a friend. Not everything was ridable, but boy-oh-boy did we have fun. Best is to not go wandering alone.

Hope this spurs on some happy trail riding. Pop us a comment in the comment box below if you’ve ridden some new trails. We’d like to hear what it was like.

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Andre Hugo is one of the committee members at East Cape MTB and he loves riding his bike. You can follow him on twitter @AndreHug0 or read his latest blogs at