There’s always a first time for everything in life and for a couple of our EC Riders and their support crew racing at +3000m altitude was definitely not an average day in the saddle…

We’ve complied a couple of photo’s from the trip to sum up the experience.


Lesotho Sky bWThe views in Lesotho are breathtaking… (pun intended). ©Charl Joubert

afriski 1Afriski is one of the few places in the southern hemisphere of Africa where you can ski on real snow. A week after this photo was taking the first snow of the season settled down on the resort. ©Charl Joubert

Lone Rangers2Into thin air. This is at the top of the steepest climb of the day where many riders nearly came to a standstill. Only the top Elite riders were going faster than walking pace. ©Charl Joubert

rock gardenDown the paved rock path with desolate looking background. Up there you get a surreal feeling with the light and atmosphere so much different from that at sea level. ©Charl Joubert

lakesClear crisp morning air. Everything looks different at 3 000 m with the temperature staying under 10 degrees most of the day. ©Charl Joubert

Kyle Bradford BWVery Intimidating from this angle but picking a line was not that difficult providing you keep a fair pace. Too slow and your wheels tend to bog in between the rocks. ©Charl Joubert

KargoFocused at the top to get a clean line. The gaps in the rocks were filled in with cement to keep them from moving. Some riders thought it wasn’t challenging enough on practice, quickly changed their minds on race day when everyone were at their limits. ©Charl Joubert

Ski LiftsNo, this is not Europe… But it is a foreign country. The ski lifts at Afriski are the closest thing resembling downhill races overseas. ©Charl Joubert

DHI 1It’s easy to lose yourself at 3220m (in more ways than one). Both rider and marshal stare into the vastness of Lesotho. ©Charl Joubert

WaterfallEarly morning pic at 3 degrees. Perfectly clear water running past the lodge where the power generator only kicked in after 6 in the morning. ©Charl Joubert

Switch Back dopingThe pass straight up the mountain with numerous u-turns and S-bends. The combination of steep gradient and altitude will make it very unlikely that you can cycle up without stopping. Only the super strong will make it to the top. ©Charl Joubert

switchbackRiders clawing their way up into the Lesotho sky ©Charl Joubert

The gang“The EC Gang” (from left to right): Brendon Wood, Jason Reed, Matthew Allen, Kyle Bradford, Marco Joubert. ©Charl Joubert