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Ok, so we are not trying to convince you to drink more or less beer but do NOT discard the Baakens Valley as a great place for doing long rides!

Why can it work?

  • The terrain is mostly not easy rolling which means you work to move along
  • It is not boring
  • It keeps your technical skills sharp
  • Short steep inclines activate those climbing muscles
  • Two hours in the Valley possibly equals three hours on flat open roads

Get out and give this 30 km Baakens Valley route a go!

Baakens Valley 30 km route.
Baakens Valley 30 km MTB route


Route Discription

For sure this is not the best route in the Baakens Valley but it is one of the lesser known one’s.  It was also aimed to start at Kragga Kamma which is a popular starting point for long distance rides.

Starting at Kragga Kamma Spar you ride just over 2,5 km on the tar, 90% downhill.  Then right into single track just after the Kragga Kamma /Circular Drive intersection.

Generally the tracks used for this ride in the Valley are all non technical. It is really easy to “bail out” along the route and take a shortcut tar section to meet up with the group again.

It is definitely one of the easier rides in the Baakens Valley.  Just be aware if you are not a fan of single track trails you will not enjoy this ride.  Also it is never guaranteed that the whole track will be cleanly cut an looked after.


  • Its in the middle of town and you can ride from your home
  • It is not recommended to ride alone in the Valley but at this stage it is no more unsafe than riding anywhere else.
  • A big part of the route falls in the area that is being kept cut and maintained by Fat Tracks Mountain Bike Club. Great job done by them!
  • It’s real easy to add distance to this ride by circling back and do a loop twice.
  • There is a pub at the start/finish for a beer (or cooldrink)


  • The long grass can be an irritation although it is never thick stuff.
  • You have to negotiate one river crossing.  90% of the time it is dry.  At the time of trail review there was a fallen tree you had to clamber over but not a big deal.
  • One climb on the route might have a few riders stumble but its a very short climb.
  • The tar sections might be considered an irritation but not bad considering only 7 km in total.  Most of this is from the start and toward the finish which is the best place to have tar.

Looking for your next marathon race?  Then move on to the calendar

Next up a 50 km Baakens Valley option. Give or take 1.7km

50 km Baakens Valley ride
50 km Baakens Valley ride

Google Map and Gpx files HERE