– words and pictures by Andre Hugo 

It’s Monday morning.

Except for the fact that it’s the first the day of spring – it’s still your typical Monday. The first day after a weekend. Really typical, until I get a call from Tyrone at Custom Bike Shop in St Francis Bay.


“Pop by the shop later and come check out this Santa Cruz”


Now, any Santa Cruz bike is something to call home about, but when Tyrone called I should of known there was something more to this particular bike. And man, o man, I wasn’t disappointed and neither will you be!


Jamie Loots, the up and coming mechanic under the watchful hand of Tyrone put it like this, “All that’s missing is Greg Minnaar’s helmet with Nelson Mandela on it”. Spot on, because at that moment glaring back at me with angels singing in the background was a Limited Edition Minnaar V10 Worlds Replica Santa Cruz Downhill Bike in it’s full glory. The only other thing missing was it’s pedals. One of the precautions I guess you must take when you have a bike like this standing in your shop and idiots like me wanting to hop on and take it for a spin…


There’s a story behind this bike.

It’s something about beer (lots of it), a bet, and money (lots of it). But I don’t have all the facts. What I do know is there are only 25 of these bikes ever made and what’s more there’s only suppose to be one available in South Africa and I guess it’s this one – proudly owned by local St Francis Bay resident, Greg Darke (I hope he has told his wife before she reads this)


Nuff said… Here she is.



Greg Minnaar V10 -04Greg Minnaar V10 -09Greg Minnaar V10 -12Greg Minnaar V10 -05Greg Minnaar V10 -06Greg Minnaar V10 -07Greg Minnaar V10 -08Greg Minnaar V10 -14Greg Minnaar V10 -11Greg Minnaar V10 -02Greg Minnaar V10 -10Greg Minnaar V10- 01


If you’ve wiped of the drool from your keyboard go check out the full specs and story on the Santa Cruz website.