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The 2015 Spur Schools Mountain Biking season in the Eastern Cape started this Saturday with racing in East London where they hosted the first official Spur League event for this season.  They had a great event with over one hundred schools riders taking part. More info and results on the East London event here.

In Port Elizabeth a warm-up event for the schools league took place at Norm Hudlin Trails.  It was good to see a lot of new faces. Lorraine School had a strong team in the Sub Junior age category.  Daniel Pienaar, last years schools team winners were also riding well.  Two of the top riders in the Junior and Youth age categories were from Alexander High.

We are sure to see some tough racing among the Schools Teams at the next three events.  The winning school will walk away with the Trophy for best school in both East London and PE regions AND R 2000 prize money!

The Spur Schools Mountain Bike League is a schools team sport and we encourage you to get a team together to compete.  You get points per rider which means more riders, more points.  See the point and team structure here.

The best PE and East London school will be go through to the SA National Schools final at Bekker School.  This takes place in Gauteng on 4 & 5 October.  The Team will get their accommodation paid for and a contribution towards traveling.  Top riders who are not in the schools team can qualify to take part at the national as individuals in the Inter Provincial race.  At the 2014 SA National final 69 schools from South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe took part.  The standard of racing among the 355 top schools mountain bikers was sky high during 2014.  We really hope to send a strong team from our region at the 2015 final to make us proud!

Be part of the team and get the chance to be the proud owner of a provincial shirt

Eastern Cape Schools Mountain Biking

To get an idea of what it is about racing at the final read these two very good informative articles from the High School MTB website in Gauteng.



Top positions in warm-up race – Port Elizabeth

(Event photo’s)

The track at Norm-Hudlin Trails was perfect for all ages.  Nice and flowing but still exciting when racing at speed!  We had a nice duel between Nicholas Friend and Grant Daly our top Junior riders.  The girls racing was just as close at the front with Kelsey van Schoor, Jessica Brown and Mischka Strydom keeping the pace fast! Below the fastest Girls & Boys racers.

Top Boys & Girls riders
Nicholas Friend and Grant Daly on left with Kelsey van Schoor, Jessica Brown and Mischka Strydom on right


Boys: 1st N. Friend;  2nd G. Daly

Sub Junior Girls & Boyes
On the left H. Oelofsen, K. van Schoor & M. Strydom. On right G. Rautenbach, W. Hallett, D. Meikle


Boys: 1st C. Bosman;  2nd R. Gerber;  3rd R. Moolman

Girls: 1st K. Van Schoor;  2nd M. Strydom;  3rd H. Oelofsen

Youth winners
Left: W. Hallett, G. Rautenbach, D. Meikle. Right: J. Brown


Boys: 1st G. Rautenbach;  2nd W. Hallett;  3rd D Meikle

Girls: 1st J. Brown

Nippers and Sprogs


Boys: 1st J. Sinden; 2nd S. Roth;  3rd J. Johnson

Girls: C. Koekemoer;  2nd P. Gerryts


Boys: 1st M. Swartz;  2nd B. Bosman;  3rd G. Smith


Nippers and Sprogs

Youth & Juniors